Connect TD-Gluco Bluetooth® to your PC


Installation instructions

  1. Download the installation package (zip file) to your PC.
  2. Once the download is complete, unpack the installation package (zip file). This is usually done by double-clicking on the file.
  3. You will find the installer (setup) in the unpacked package, double click on this file and click agree to the confirmation request.
  4. Now follow the instructions of the installation program to install your software.
  5. After the installation is complete, the software is installed on your PC and ready for you to use.


Data transmission

Follow the instructions for transmission of data included in the software. The results are sent including date and time.



The abbreviation “BG” in the software stands for “BG” Blood Glucose measurements.
“BP” Blood Pressure and “Thermometer” stands for temperature measurements.


NB: your security software/anti-virus software may give a warning about downloading software. The software you download here is not malware (harmful software for your computer).
You can safely install this software and ignore this warning.

HT One TD Gluco Bluetooth®

With the help of this software you can send and manage the results of your HT One TD-Gluco on your computer using Bluetooth®.


For Windows 7 and 8*

Download version 5.03 (19,4 MB)


For Windows 10*

Download version 2.04 (24 MB)


*NB: In the software, you can setup whether the connection between your meter and your PC should be established using USB or wirelessly using Bluetooth®. The TD-Gluco does not have USB functionality. You can only establish a Bluetooth® connection between the meter and your PC. Check in advance whether your PC has Bluetooth®.