Manuals and downloads

Have you lost a manual? On this page you will find the manuals & downloads of all products from HT One.

  • TD-GLUCO BLUETOOTH®: Meter, Test Strips and Lancing Device

    Download manual meter (PDF – approx 603 KB)

    Download manual test strips (PDF – approx 709 KB)

    Download manual lancing device (PDF – approx 1,1 MB)


    TD-Gluco Bluetooth® user instructions:


    Download results to your smartphone:


    Using the lancing device:


    Download quick guide (PDF – approx 998 KB)


  • HT One Safety Lancets

    Download flyer (PDF – approx 2,4 MB)

  • HT One Lancing Device en Safety Lancets

    Download manual (PDF – approx 2,7 MB)