TD-Gluco Bluetooth®

HT One TD Gluco Startpakket

You can connect the TD-Gluco Bluetooth® to your PC or Smartphone to manage the results of your blood glucose monitoring system.


Managing on your PC:
For instructions and to download the software for monitoring on your PC (Windows) click HERE.


Managing on your Smartphone:
If you have a Smartphone with Bluetooth®, and want to manage the results of your blood glucose monitoring system on your Smartphone, use the ProCheck app™. The ProCheck app™ is suitable for iOS and Android.


TD-Gluco Bluetooth® user instructions:


Download results to your smartphone:



HT One TD Gluco – Téléchargement les résultats des mesures vers un smartphone via Bluetooth




HT One TD Gluco – Messergebnisse per Bluetooth auf das Smartphone heruntladen



Using the lancing device:

TD-Gluco Bluetooth®

The TD-Gluco Bluetooth® starter’s package consists of:

  • TD-GLUCO Bluetooth® meter
  • TD-GLUCO test strips (10)
  • Lancing device
  • Batteries (two units, 1.5V AAA)
  • Instructions for use
  • Lancets (10)
  • Protective case


The TD-Gluco Bluetooth® blood glucose monitoring system has the following features:

  • Bluetooth® connection
  • Large LCD screen with background lighting
  • Strip ejection feature prevents contact with blood
  • Pre-adjustable before/after meals (AC/PC)
  • No-coding
  • Only a tiny blood sample of 0.5 µl required
  • Quick result within 5 seconds
  • GDH-FAD technology


For more information, download the folder
download the folder